How I Cleared My Skin

Those who have been following me for the past year know that I have been dealing with some skin issues since I moved down to the DC area about two and half years ago. Prior to these past few years, I had rarely experienced acne or full breakouts all over my face. I would get a couple hormonal bumps here and there during that time of the month, but nothing serious.

When I moved down to the DC-Area September 2016, my skin took a turn for the worse. I am still unsure if it was the city air, although Washington, DC is by far the cleanest city I have encountered, or the water from my recently built apartment building….or even some other factor that caused my skin to begin flaring in unpredictable, rash-like patterns (photos below).

I became extremely self-conscious over my skin, something I never had experienced before. Each morning I would wake up, dreading the fact that I had to look into the mirror because my skin was that unpredictable. Would it improve? Would it only worsen? I had no idea. I felt like I had to cover it up every single day by wearing fuller-coverage makeup to hide my insecurity, although I knew that makeup would only make it worse.

My heart goes out to all of those who deal with acne, or any type of skin issue. I understand how frustrating it can be, so that is why I wanted to share my story with the hopes that it may be able to help some of you out there.

For about a year, I tried treating it with different acne face cleansers, spot treatments, resorted to only using moisturizer, and still had no relief. I began to see a dermatologist, and she was determined to help me get my skin in check before the wedding. As an emergency treatment, she prescribed an oral antibiotic, a topical steroid cream, as well as another cream that is designed to help fight rosacea. Since the rash like breakouts did not exhibit any exact pattern (i.e. came during my time of the month, or after eating a specific food), it made my skin rather difficult to treat. The combination of the medication and prescription creams healed my skin at the moment, but as soon as I stopped using them, my skin would flare.

Months ago, I made the decision to start doing some research into what possibly could help improve my skin. I had already spent countless hours researching what underlying factors could be causing my skin to react this way, and came up with a couple solutions I was willing to try. I was willing to do ANYTHING to get my old skin back.


  • Cleaned up my skincare. I took a real hard look at the skincare and products I was using on my face. I switched my skincare over to products that had much cleaner ingredients and contained no parabens, sulfates, or phthalates- ingredients that aggravated my skin and had no business in being absorbed into my body. For some background, I have dry skin that has become a tad sensitive over the years, so these products would be great for those with my skin type!
  • Wash My Face with Lukewarm and Cool Water. This was a big change for me since I usually wash my face in the shower. During my flares, the super hot water would only make the redness worse and bumps more prominent. I began washing my face with lukewarm water in the evenings and cold water in the mornings. The cold water was shocking at first, but you get used to it, and it’s a nice wake-up call in the morning!
  • Limit My Dairy Consumption. This was a huge factor me. I already knew that dairy didn’t make my stomach feel great, and gut health is directly correlated your skin health and how it appears. If your gut isn’t in check, your skin can tend to act up. Eliminating cheese, yogurt, half&half, whey protein, etc. from my diet has left me with clearer skin and a happy belly. I still consume sheep’s milk (i.e. I cannot live without pecorino romano cheese ) and have not seen any issues from it! Since eliminating whey protein, I have been loving this plant-based protein and it doesn’t taste chalky!
  • Drink More Water. I feel like this is a given, and everyone knows this, but it is SO hard for me to get enough water in. Maybe it is because I substitute my iced coffee for morning water?! Ha! I now drink a glass of water before caffeine touches my lips and make sure I am drinking a ton throughout the day. It keeps my skin hydrated and my system moving, if you know what I mean. Ew. I’m sorry for that, but it’s true. You’re welcome.
  • Take Collagen Peptides! I am a total collagen peptide fan. I have been taking them for years and see a total difference in my skin and hair and nail growth when I am consistent. It is super easy to mix into hot beverages, soups, oatmeal, etc. You cannot taste it…at all! It also contains 9 grams of protein per serving, and that never hurt anyone. I drink iced coffee, 365 days a year, because I’m a psycho… and I just use a blender to mix my coffee and peptides together. Easy as pie.
    • I purchase mine at Wholefoods or on FurtherFood’s website. I have a 10% discount code with them: ROSALIEROUGE10
  • Eat All the Leafy Greens! Another given, but I notice my skin is best when I am eating mass amounts of leafy greens. I try to incorporate them into salads, soups, smoothies, entrees, etc., but I understand some days it can be HARD. I started utilizing these powdered greens in my smoothies from the same brand as my plant based protein and it ensures that I get a TON of greens and superfoods in my diet first thing in the morning. I mix them in with my protein shakes or smoothies and can’t even tell!
  • Changed My Detergent. I used to use traditional washing machine detergents like Tide, Persil, etc., but have switched to using healthier options that contain far less chemicals. I find my options at my Wholefoods or any health foods store. I like using the Lavender scent from Seventh Generation. I realized how much I was wiping my face and body with towels and sleeping on sheets that were washed in the chemicals. In the pursuit to clear my skin, I ditched the chemicals and haven’t gone back!

I know this was a long post, but that you for reading along. I hope my tips can help some of you out there improve your skin or just health in general! Remember, you can always reach out to me via direct message on Instagram or leave a comment down below!

xx Kels

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